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Smoking marijuana or hash with a pipe is the easiest and fastest way to get high. A wide variety of pipes exist, they mainly differ in material, size and smoke-treatment. More...

Bongs and water pipes

Although smoking bongs or water pipes is not the easiest way to get high, there is a health benefit smoking them. Again bongs mainly differ in material, size and smoke treatment. A bong simply is a water pipe without the hoses and a water pipe off course is a bong with the hose(s). More...

Using a pipe is very easy.

Sometimes you need to use a screen before putting your marijuana or hash in it. This depends on the kind of pipe you're using. Some pipes even have integrated screens. Screens are thin steel or copper nettings so you won't get any stuff in your mouth. You can get different sizes in Headshops.

The last thing you need to do is to put in the marijuana or hash and light it. Take a good puff and keep it in your lungs for a while. Repeat a few times till the stuff has burned. The last thing is to do is to clean the pipe and relax. You have to keep the cleaning in mind when buying your own pipe.

The Bong is a very old way of smoking cannabis. It is made of a 'chillum'(1), a small (usually metal) tube with a pipe head and the other end stuck in the main body (2). The end is located under the water surface to filter the smoke through the water as well as cool it. However, recent data suggest that it doesn't filter out the carcinogens as is commonly believed (with its tar/THC ratio way above that of a joint, but also far below that of a vaporizer), but obviously, using bongs is still much healthier than not filtering the smoke at all.

At the bottom of the page you will find some pictures of bongs; the classical shape is a sphere with a tube sticking out, but you can get them in just about any shape (ranging from a pistol to penis shaped bongs; you can even get small 'pocket bongs', but we cannot recommend those). Bongs are mainly made of glass, acrylic or metal, each of those materials having its own advantages and disadvantages. Glass bongs are easy to clean, and you can use almost any cleaning substance on them without having to fear that it'll melt. However, they obviously also break rather easily and are thus difficult to transport. The chillum in Glass bongs is frequently made of glass as well, whereas normally it is made of metal.

Acrylic bongs are generally speaking a bit cheaper. However, depending on the quality, their colour can get cloudy, which usually doesn't look very nice. Most of the cleaning fluids normally used to get rid of the tar patches formed on the inside, will also dissolve the acrylic. So be careful with what you use. They are, however, perfect for transporting in a backpack or the like, since they are almost unbreakable. In almost 100% of the cases, the chillum is made of metal.

Finally, there are metal bongs. These are generally quite expensive, but unless the bong gets run over by a truck, they'll last you a lifetime. Similar to glass bongs, they are easy to keep clean (sometimes metal bongs get a special coating, so that you can simply wipe off the tar), nothing will break the metal bongs, and generally they are the best. However, the metal sometimes adds a rather odd taste to the smoke, which some people dislike.

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