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kitch's summer journal 3: Camp starts

Substances: Cannabis and dexedrine
By: kitchkinet

I've been working at a Boy Scout camp for about 5 years now. I happen to be an Eagle Scout I keep going back because some of the coolest people I know are also on staff. For the past 3 years a guy named D.H. had been camp director and he was GREAT at it for a number of reasons. He was charismatic, flambouyant, intelligent, devious and playful. He also fully knew we smoke weed and we'd smoked weed with him many times.

well I arrive at camp this year to find a few things have changed, DH is no longer in charge. There's quite an interesting cast of charecters when I arrive though.

Brown-the new camp director, a friendly but meek man who tries to project confidence and authority

ledeux-Brown's assistant camp director. He's 20, about 300 pounds and has the face of an 8 year old.

Jay-program director, lazy fat and sweaty, but a pretty good guy over all

Phil-assistant program director. Phil has been working at camp for 4 years. He's really good with office work. He's also about 7' 250 pounds and very very gay, though he hasn't realized it yet. He's completely obsessed with advancement in scouting. During his time when he was under 18, he earned every single merit badge. There's 120 of them, you only need 21 for eagle.

Mr. G-director of stuff. Mr. G is a 40 something kindergarten teacher. He also smokes a ton of weed, and is very good at getting things done. He's also James's father.

my boys:
James-Mr. G's son. He's been my best friend at camp for 4 years. He's very ecology minded, goes to essex aggricultural high school. He's also really smart, and can play the bass just like ringing a bell. He's too charismatic for his own good sometimes though. He doesn't use any drugs, or even drink much, but he's always down to chill while we smoke, he says he likes it. He was the ecology director this year, but managed to organize it so his instructors did EVERYTHING in ecology so he literally did nothing.

Smurf- smurf spends most of his year in boarding school, so summer is his one escape. He's a hippie and he loves the dead so we get along good. He started off the year as the senior aquatics instructor.

Keith- Keith is the pretty boy of the group, probably because he's gay. He always dresses all nice n shit. He had enlisted in the marines about a month before camp so I was surprised to see him back. Turns out he got kicked out of boot camp for failing his drug test. They made him Shooting Sports director.

Me-well y'all know me, but they made me communications co-direcor with phil. basically I had to teach 3 bookwork merit badges a day, no biggie.

side charecters:
Reggie-Reggie is about 7 and a half feet tall. He's also dark dark black and an ok cook. He's from the ghetto and has been stabbed a good number of times. still he was pretty chill and we smoked a lot with him.

Tom-Tom was the new head cook this year. He's in his 40s (a guess) extremely fat, ugly, dirty, vile and perverted guy. He's also a pretty serious alcoholic.

Shamma-shamma's never really been in our group. He tries real hard to be accepted but when it gets right down to it he's a lonely fool.

Kokernac-kokernac is gonna be a good military leader some day. He's very dedicated to ROTC. Sometimes he chills with us, sometimes he doesn't. He's scoutcraft(camping, wilderness survival, axes knives etc) director

Chris and Dave-Brothers who have been working at camp about as long as me. Dave is 22 and studying to be a catholic priest. Chris is going out with Sarah. Dave is waterfront director and chris is his assistant.

Sarah-the only hot girl in camp. She's 17 and runs the trading post. Not the brightest girl, bit of a princess complex but she's a sweet girl.

Maria-a 25 year old school teacher. She ran handicraft and ended up going out with kokernac within a week of camp starting. they were pretty private about it

Ashley and Michelle-15 and 16 respectively, sisters who ended up at camp basically because their little brother stays in provo all summer.

ok sorry the introductions were so long, kind of a complicated web.

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