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kitch's summer journal 4: camp gets rolling, and why crack is bad

Substances: Cannabis and dexedrine
By: kitchkinet

We made a decision within the first week that the new administration was more or less completely incompetent. We stopped showing up for colors or meals within a few weeks and smoked weed in our cabins every night. For those first few weeks me and smurf spent a good deal of time with Tom and Reggie since they ussually had weed and alcohol, or at least could get us alcohol.

As time went on it became obvious that tom was a little off his rocker. He would start humping the air out of no where shouting "tie the bitch up" and that sort of thing. He repeatedly invited smurf to watch porn with him. He was just kind of a really gross person.

Towards the end of week 2 they both got their checks, about $900 each. They asked Smurf to give ema ride to lowell to cash their checks. They tell me they're planning on picking up some weed so I decide to come along.

When we get to Lowell Tom tells Reggie he can't get any weed, but he can get rock. Reggie is all for it and before they've even cashed their checks they've called a dealer and have 6 20 bags of crack waiting for them.

Me and smurf had no say in this and as they went into the check cashing place I looked at him and said calmly "well, this is sketchy" to which he replied "yep, sure is"

they got back in the car and tom gave smurf directions to a house where he ran in and back out in about 5 minutes. Then we drove to another house where tom apparently knew people. He talked to them and we all went in. It was 3 white crack whores and an old fat white guy. They were all a little sketched out about how young smurf looked but Reggie assured them we were cool.

Me and Smurf went into another room and sat on a couch. Reggie walked out, split a 20 rock in half and gave half to each of us.along with one of those glass stem rose pipes. I'd only done coke occasionally and only done a tiny bit of freebase before. I was pretty nervous but I tossed the rock in the pipe and hit it as hard as I could. I felt it right away. that cocaine rush only so much more complete, more full.

reggie told me to hold the pipe horizontal and I realized that hot oil was dripping down the stem, so I righted it and finished it off.

We ended up staying in that fucking crack house for way too long since a connection for more crack took a long time to come through. We then went with one of the crackwhores to her house. She was 50, looked about 90, had a 23 year old son AND STILL LIVED WITH HER PARENTS.

well it was just her, reggie, tom me and smurf and we all sat around the kitchen table. Tom and Reggie kept throwing rocks in front of me and smurf and I kept smoking more and more. I noticed smurf was pocketing his.

when it got to about 11 we left and drove back up to camp. There's more to this story which will be continued in the next segment.

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