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From the Amazonian rain forest comes one of the most potent catalysts for increased awareness yet discovered by mankind. In Ecuador and Peru this medicine is known as Ayahuasca, a Quechua Indian word ironically meaning "vine of the dead".

As a hallucinogenic substance, Ayahuasca does not properly refer to one single plant, but to a singular mixture of two very different plant species. There is no such thing as an ayahuasca plant or a yage plant. Ayahuasca correctly refers to a psychedelic combination of plants varying in potency according to the skills of its maker.

Ayahuasca is famous for the visions it generates and the real experience users seem to have. Ayahuasca seems to induce and expand the hypnagogic or twilight state while at the same time it keeps the individual awake and conscious.

Ayahuasca drink

Many individuals report that the Ayahuasca brew makes them think faster and be more intelligent. Some people with extensive experience using ayahuasca even indicated that eventually these ideational effects are more meaningful than the visions. In general, people report that ayahuasco gives them more insight and new ideas than they normally have.

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