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Magic Mushrooms FAQ

1. What are magic mushrooms?
2. Where can I buy mushrooms or spore prints?
3. How do you make magic mushroom tea?
4. What about the dosage?
5. What are the effects?
6. How long does it take before it works?
7. Can you combine it with other drugs?
8. Can experience a bad trip?
9. For how long does it work?
10. Are magic mushrooms illegal?
11. How do you eat them?
12. Do Magic mushrooms help against cluster headaches?

1.Magic mushrooms are an organic hallucinogen having been used for many thousands of years. They contain the active ingredients psilocybin and psilocin.

2. . If no smartshops exist in your country, you can try the following online shops. Most shops do not sell mushrooms to the USA, but they do sell Growkits.