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1. What is a Joint?
2. How much weed should a joint contain?
3. How do I roll a joint?
4. Why do people use bongs or waterpipes?
5. What is a onehitter or dug out?
6. How can you eat marijuana?
7. How can you drink marijuana?
8. Can smoking marijuana cause brain damage?
9. How does marijuana make you high?
10. What are the dangers of marijuana?
11. Can you overdose marijuana?
12. Where can I buy marijuana?
13. I have small mushrooms on my marijuana plant, are they

14. How long will marijuana stay in your system?
15. Where can i buy marijuana seeds ?

1.A Joint is a cigarette with chopped weed inside. The smaller end of the joint is called roach or tip, which is made of a piece of cardboard. You can roll a joint just like people roll cigarettes, but a joint is normally somewhat bigger, and rolled with king size rolling paper. Some people use rolling devices like the Rollmate or the Futurola.

2.The amount of weed in a joint can differ greatly. There are people who smoke joints containing only pure weed or hash. The disadvantage of this is that the joint doesn't burn straight, and you have to light it a few times. The regular joint contains 0.5 to 0.75 grams, depending on the quality of your weed or hash.

3. Basically, you can roll a joint in four different ways: Manually, with a Rollmate, with a Futurola or with the Dollar method. See our Rolling-section.

4. Some people prefer bongs because the smoke is passed through water and will be cooled down and filtered before inhaling. Several carcinogens are removed without removing the active ingredients.

5.A one-hitter is a portable device for smoking weed or hash, meant for people who do not want to smoke an entire joint at a time. A one-hit is a small metal tube that has a small cavity at one end and a mouthpiece at the other. One presses the cavity into a small container of cleaned weed or hash to fill it. Then lit it like a cigarette and inhale steadily until the weed or hash is gone.

6. Before you can eat marijuana, it should first be heated in order to activate the cannaboids. Otherwise it will become poisoning when putting it in the baking mixture without heating. The most popular way of eating marijuana is to bake it in a brownie or cake.

7.It’s possible to get the THC (the working chemicals) into a drink. You can simply place marijuana in a bottle of grain alcohol for 2-3 weeks. This process can be quickened by heating up the alcohol but this can be dangerous because alcohol is highly flammable. The substance you get is called "Green Dragon" and should be mixed with soda or other drinks.

8. No study has ever demonstrated that marijuana causes cellular damage or mental damage. Even not after heavy use.

9. THC, the working chemical in marijuana, makes you high. THC contains chemicals with substitutes for a natural brain chemical, with some differences. This chemical touches receptors (kind of buttons) on the brain cells. So marijuana tickles brain cells but it will not damage them like alcohol does.

10.The one and only danger with marijuana is that it is illegal.

11. It’s almost impossible to overdose marijuana. In the worst case you may puke. This mostly happens if you use it with too much alcohol.

12. Sorry, but it's still illegal to buy marijuana in most countries. There are people selling marijuana online, but you cannot trust them. You can consider growing your own, although it's illegal.

13. I will answer this question. "Yes, you may find many mushrooms which are unknown or uncommon to you. The chances of them being a mushroom causing unwanted effects, such as inducing unconsciousness, coma, or even death, are by far greater. Mushrooms can be very similar in their features. It takes a professional to truly tell the difference. They can take it to a lab and take samples of the spore area. This is almost a secure way.

14. It depends quite a bit on the individual, how often you've smoked, how much you smoked, and what type of drug test is used. Overall, detectable traces of marijuana can stay in your system anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months after the last time you've smoked. It tends to lean towards the longer range if you're subjected to second hand smoke, etc. And certain types of tests, such as a test of a hair sample, can detect it up to 6-8 months after your last use.

15 There are many online seedshop who are selling cannabis seeds but there are only a few seedshops who will sell cannabis seeds world wide. here is one which does !