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The Joint Rollers Handbook
Learn how to roll the BIGGEST, BEST joints around!

Vaporiser or Vaporizer
Dutch website about vaporizers.

Cheating the Hangman
Offers the VapoHead Herbal Vaporizer; a low price, high-tech marijuana vaporizer.

Only the finest hand carved wooden cedar pipes from down south USA in Mississippi. Free shipping in the USA! Grown in the USA and made in the USA.

Bad Trip Guide
A detailed psychedelic trip planning guide along with a simple but effective method for pulling out of a bad trip.

A fresh site with latest news, gallery, forum, chat, check us out!

Cannabis sativa.nl
Dutch website about smoking and growing Cannabis

Medical marijuanaguide
Medical Marijuana Clinics - Contact our clinic referral Service

Stoned Theories
Theories for Stoned People by Stoned People.

Is a Dutch guide to hemp & smart-related sites, international hemp-rings & search engines.

Information on this site may not be scientifically accurate, rather out of personal experiences. disclaimer