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Energy pills and energy drinks are probably one of the most well-known and used smart-drugs. They are mainly used to get more energy to party and dance all night long. The energy pills are also used by people who have to work longer then usual. Some energy pills claim to have a positive effect on your concentration and are taken before exams.

The effects of energizers and drinks differ greatly. The effects can differ depending on the individual. The effects people experienced are: energetic, no more tiredness, tight feeling of the skin, tickling skin, more focused.

Ingredients used in energizers: vitamin B2 to B12, vitamin C, yohimbine, yerba Mate guarana, kola nut, Capsaicin, green tea extract, yerbamate, capsicum annuum, ginseng, caffeine.

Popular energizers: Stacker E, Xtenzion, Explorer, E-booster, Stargate, Super nova, Supercaps Xtreme, Energy Hit, Bionix Brazilian Power, NXT Phase, Red Bliss Herbal Energizer, Turbo 200, Awake.

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