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Here you will find drugs and marijuana related downloads, like drugs-games, drug-test and a joint rolling handbook. To download the files, right click and choose "save target as".

Video of Drugs-plaza Recipes:
Marijuana Recipes - Nutella Crackers
You need this Codec to view the movie

Drugs-plaza related music:

Drugs-plaza Rap - DP is the Place to Be !
Nice Rap from ourforumsmember Vandalize !

These are marijuana or drugs related movies:

Joint Rolling movie
Short Video of a Joint Rolling Champion.

Jason`s Drug Video
Check out this short video from the guys of White Trash
The guy in it (jason) was propper fucked on a mix of
drink/weed/shrooms which made for this comical little vid.

How to use Futurola (528 Kb) Movie shows joint rolling with Futurola.

Kidstoned ( 2mb) Pro cannabis commercial.

Karate (1,36 mb) Anti cannabis commercial.

Here you can download marijuana related software:

O-Grow 1.0 (10 mb) new
Released in 2006 O-Grow is the first continuous-play marijuana growing simulation game on the PC. Offering two gameplay options of full mode or simulation mode, players can benefit from all game features or disable the fictional parts of the game such as the trading market and objectives. Choose your seeds to plant by reading the information in the shopping section. Gameplay is accompanied by original music.

HighGrow V4.20 (2,03 Mb) - Legal Marijuana Growing
HighGrow is the world's first artificially simulated marijuana growing program. You can now finally grow your own marijuana plants without the constant fear of a visit by members of your local narcotics branch.
With HighGrow version 4.20, you can choose and plant ninety seeds at any time, and then watch them grow into large potent marijuana bushes, harvesting them when you feel they have reached their peak potency.
This educational program realistically imitates the life-cycle of the
Cannabis plant. You'll be able to adjust the lighting, water, fertilize,
prune and care for your developing plants, while learning more about them at the same time!
File is zipped.

Rollercoaster screensaver (0,16 Mb)
Just for the fun here a nice rollercoaster screensaver. 11 different tracks and the option to show them randomly. The file is zipped. This windows version has the following features:
- This animation is written in C and uses the OpenGL library.
- It's possible to use it with stereoscopic display device.
- The rollercoaster track is entirely generated from a curve.
- Possibility to create new tracks.
- The rails are drawn with multiple levels of detail.
- and those I forget ...

Drug Lord 2.2 (new version) (3,84 Mb)
The follow on from the highly successful Drug Lord, a game which caused much controversy. In Drug Lord 2 you buy and sell drugs in a similar manner to Drug lord 1 except it is far more complicated. You are able to transport drugs around the world. Another advancement in Drug lord 2 is rumors, which give you the ability to make informed decisions unlike Drug lord 1 where you relied on blind luck. Version 2.2 has minor bug fixes.

Crop Command (68 Kb)
Crop Command is an old DOS drugs-game but it is real fun to play ! The year is 2025 and things are getting pretty weird. People who grow bud are getting bombed by the cops!! Like they fire missiles over there houses and shit blows up, especially the crops, so here's where you come in. You have inherited a grow and you must defend it with the latest in crop defense technology. File is zipped.

Virtual Drugs (333 Kb)
A collection of trippy applications designed to tingle the senses and numb the brain. Features Pinwheel & LSDspiral - spinning spiral acid simulators, Acid Warp - a psychedelic pattern morpher, Puddle Tripper - turns your desktop into a virtual puddle, Particle Toy - generates patterns of fire-trailing particles, and Flasher & Sassy and brainwave Stimulators. File is zipped.

Marijuana Dealers drugs-game (1,30 Mb)
Nice drugs-game about being a grower and a dealer. You have twenty turns to make as much money as possible. Read the readme file for instructions! File is zipped.

Virtual Bubble Wrap (663 Kb)
The ulitmate stress relief. File is zipped.

Cannabinatic screensaver (548 Kb)
Freeware screensaver, who shows a nice leaf and lots of information and opinions about cannabis through the years. Thanx to Richard Fellner.

Weedparty with George Bush (5,91 Mb)
Fantastic drugs-game: You are George Bush and have to get Stoned. File is zipped.

Calc THC (49 Kb)
This program allows you to calculate whether a urine drug test will test positive for THC. Time and THC saturation determine this.


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