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Below you will find many recipes containing mushrooms or marijuana. We received all the recipes from visitors or members of our Forum. We also want to add pictures and movies of these Recipes. So when you prepare one of these recipes, please send us a photo or video.

If you know a good recipe which is not found in the list, just mail us your Recipes. Mail Recipes

Mushroom Recipes

Magic Mushroom tea
Fresh Magic mushshroom Tea
Magic mushroom Sesame Balls
Honey Mushrooms
Magic mushroom Chips
Choco mushroom potatoe chips shroom
Magic Spice
Micky D'licious Shroomburger
Magic Risotto
Magic rumballs

Marijuana Recipes

The effects of eating marijuana will be less pronounced during the initial stages than those of smoking it. But as the minutes progress, the "hash eater's high" may become far more overwhelming than anything that the smoker has ever experienced. Read more about Eating marijuana.

Marijuana Butter the easy way
Marijuana Butter the standard way Marijuana Recipes
Marijuana Butter the long way
Marijuana Butter with hashish or hash oil (simple and stronger)
Cannabis Milk
Magic brownies
Weed Brownies
BBQ Sauce
Cheesy Nuggets
Marijuana Vodka
Nutella Crackers ( See Video in the Download section)
Milkshake and ice cream
Creamy Cocopot ice cream
The Meatball
Cannabis and coffee
Marijuana Pancakes
Pot pasta
Simple Cannabis Tea
Bhang Tea
Easy pot noodle
Banana Bread
Freaky Fudgy Fridge Cake
Great Ganja Tea
Herbal potato salad
Cannabis Tea
Hash Cream Coffee
Fearsome fudge Marijuana Recipes
Bloody maryuana Marijuana Recipes


Marijuana Recipes

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