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Magic Mushrooms are neither physically addictive nor likely to cause psychological dependence. Many people actually find that their desire to use magic mushrooms decreases for a period of time after use. As with all substances, some people will use them more frequently than they are comfortable with.


There are many different kinds of magic mushrooms with all different effects. Most famous are the Psylocybe Cubensis from Mexico and the Copelandia Cyanescens from Hawaii. The magic mushrooms contain a high concentrate of psilocybin and psilocin which causes a trip.

Using Magic Mushrooms

To get the best out of magic mushrooms you need to eat and chew it very well. You can also make tea of it, but this will not result as intense as eating. The effects of magic mushrooms are mainly determined by the dose, an individual's sensitivity to psilocybin, how much of it has been eaten and how recently. It takes 30-60 minutes before it works. The primary effect of magic mushrooms lasts for 4-6 hours. A normal portion of dried magic mushrooms is around 2 grams for a good trip, but this can vary. When the magic mushrooms are not dried but fresh, then a portion is about 20 grams, but this can also vary.

Effects of Magic Mushrooms

A trip of magic mushrooms will give you an intensification of existing feelings, visual hallucinations and transformation of experience of time and place. It gives you the feeling that things are different than usual. You will notice things you normally don't, or just take for granted. The things you see, hear or do are much more intense. You can see new perspectives or get feelings of insight, but mostly it causes a lot of laughter because everything you see is much funnier.

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Don't use magic mushrooms when...
People in the midst of an emotional or psychological upheaval in their everyday lives should be careful using psychedelics such as magic mushrooms, as they can trigger even more difficulty. Only take magic mushrooms when you feel good and when you're an emotionally stable person.


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Magic Mushrooms

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