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Drugs detection times

Drug detection depends on the ingested amount, elapsed time since use, rate of metabolism, and amount of fluid intake. Because of these variables, the times presented are only a general guideline.

Drugs detection times for Urine test

Drug Detection times Usage
Alcohol 1 - 10 days Oral
Nicotine 1-7 days Sniffed, smoked, oral
Mescaline 1-7 days Oral
Marijuana 1day - 11 weeks Smoked, Oral
Hashish 1day - 11 weeks Smoked, Oral
Psilocin (mushrooms) 1 - 2 days Smoked, Oral

Drug detection times for Hair test

The standard hair drug test is a proven procedure which not only detects drugs that have been used, but can also provide information on the quantity of drugs consumed and the historic pattern of drug use. A drug history can be obtained from the hair of any individual. Drug use can be detected for 3 to 6 months depending on the length of the hair sample. It takes approximately 5 days for drugs to show up in a person's hair.

Drug detection times for a blood test

A blood test is expensive and not very common. The detection times are much shorter then those of the other tests and vary between two days and two weeks.

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