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Year: 1999 Cover Grass
Genre: Documentary
Director: Ron Mann

Woody Harrelson (voice)
Harry J. Anslinger
George Bush
Cab Calloway
Jimmy Carter
Tommy Chong
John F. Kennedy
John Lennon
Ronald Reagan

Drugs used: Grass

Tagline: The history of the American government's war on marijuana in the 20th century.

The Story: If you get a chance to watch "Grass" don't make the mistake of missing it. You will naturally love it if you're a Smoker but I think people who are strongly against cannabis should be the first ones to check this one out.

"Grass" may not change your opinions about the stuff but it will probably give you some new views to look at it. Best of all, incredibly interesting archive material makes "Grass" funny, fascinating and entertaining experience for everyone. Those final words (after end credits) are just terrific! Basically "Grass" tells how much money war against marijuana has cost and raises the big question: was it really all worth it? I think not. Watch "Grass" yourself and make up your own mind.

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