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How High

Year: 2001 Cover how high
Genre: Comedy
Director: Jesse Dylan
Cast: Method Man - Silas P. Silas
Redman - Jamal King
Obba Babatundé - Dean Carl Cain
Mike Epps - Baby Powder

Drugs used: Marijuana

Tagline: How did I fail women's studies? I love bitches!

The Story: To call How High a "stoner comedy" isn't too-far off the mark but it does a good job on the proverbial "fish-out-of-water" scenario, with a Hip-Hop aesthetic and mentality thrown in for good measure. Hip-Hop artists, Method Man and Redmans' chemistry is quite genuine. As platinum selling Rap Artists who work with each other in the music world, their mutual admiration shows in this film and it works quite well.

Meth plays "Silas". A neighborhood "Weed Specialst" who has the skill (but not the drive or proper equipment), to build on his talent for creating different strains of cannabis, until the (comical) death of a close friend motivates him to take his knowledge and put it to good use towards higher education. Meanwhile, "Jamal" (played by Redman), motivation comes in the form of his well-meaning, but verbally abusive mother urging him to get his degree so she can place it on the wall by his brothers' "Prison-issued Barber Certificate" and his sisters' "Weave-Masters Degree".

Through a turn or events (of course involving weed), the two find themselves as freshmen at Harvard and then the fun begins. From pranks on the freshmen class Dean (involving Pigeons) to a hilarious Pimp (played to the hilt by Mike Epps), with only TWO WOMEN in his stable, the laughs are are never ending!

There are some crazy scenes in "How High", such as when they run out of the special pot and they go to a graveyard to dig up the body of President John Quincy Adams, hoping that his brain could help them pass the courses or that weirdo who passes out tickets reacts to seeing his bicycle being destroyed. This film is so out there!

Meth & Red may not win any awards from this movie" How High" but I would cast my vote for them as the next candidates for "Best Buddy Movie combination". In the tradition of Cheech & Chong, Lewis and Martin, Pryor & Wilder, Harrelson & Snipes... These guys Definitely have that potential.

picture how high

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