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Year: 2002 Cover Spun
Genre: Drama Comedy
Director: Jonas Åkerlund
Cast: Jason Schwartzman - Ross
Mickey Rourke - The Cook
Brittany Murphy - Nikki
John Leguizamo - Spider Mike
Patrick Fugit - Frisbee

Drugs used: Speed

Tagline: I have got to make a phonecall

The Story:The Swedish music-video director Jonas Åkerlund gives us a movie about drugs. Spun heavily inspired by greater drug-movies like "Trainspotting" (1996) and "Requiem For A Dream" (2000). But unlike most of the drug-movies I've seen earlier, "Spun" has no moral or deep meaning and message, it's just a film made to entertain and make you laugh. And it SURE made ME laugh...

It's hard to find a real plot in the film Spun. It's just about people doing drugs, especially Speed (the word "Spun" means to be affected by Speed), and the their messed-up lives and everyday situations, seen through drug-affection. But while "Spun" doesn't have a real story, it has a some other qualities to offer: funny and well-created characters, good actors, a good soundtrack and A LOT of funny scenes and situations (it is bizarre humor though, that may not be recommended for everyone).

It is about personalities that are paranoid beyond the belief of the straight mind, leading to acts of ultimate stupidity by people who are trying to act cool and blend in! The pace of the film is geared to assist the viewer in experiencing the mind set of the speed user. Several visual tricks also enhance the feeling of a Topsy-turvey world put into fast forward.

SPUN is a curiosity. It is a very strange comedy, involving a group of loosely connected young adults who are on speed and most of their waking hours involve finding ways to get their next fix. Jason Schwartzman is 'Ross', the almost normal one, but he has a bad habit of forgetting about his girlfriend tied up naked to the bed in his place. Mickey Rourke has the best role as 'The Cook' who goes around buying various supplies which he then cooks up in his seedy motel room to make the speed. Brittany Murphy plays 'Nikki', 'The Cook's' girlfriend, and who dances at a strip joint. The craziest character is 'Spider Mike', played enthusiastically by John Leguizamo.

picture Spun

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