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Year: 2003 Cover Thirteen
Genre: Drama
Director: Danny Leiner
Cast: Holly Hunter - Melanie Freeland
Evan Rachel Wood - Tracy Louise Freeland
Nikki Reed - Evie Zamora
Jeremy Sisto - Brady
Brady Corbet - Mason Freeland

Drugs used: Marijuana, Cocaine, LSD

Tagline: They're not little girls anymore

The Story: In the movie Thirteen, Tracy Louise Freeland (Evan Rachel Wood) is an emotionally unstable and rebel teenager, but good student, daughter of the divorced Melanie Freeland (Holy Hunter) and missing the presence of her father and the former quality of life of the Freeland family. She hates Brady (Jeremy Sisto), the present affair of her mother, and has a good relationship with her teenager brother.

When she befriends Evie Zamora (Nikki Reed), the most popular girl in their high school, Tracy forgets her friends, become a bad student and is introduced through the bad influence of Evie, to sex, drugs and robbery of money in purses or goods in stores. Her world turns upside down, and she becomes a totally different girl.

However, thirteen is indeed a dense and heavy drama about a life of a thirteen years old girl in a family without structure, a sort of contemporary American lighter version of "Christiane F." The magnificent performance of Evan Rachel Wood, Holy Hunter and Nikki Reed, the support cast, the frantic camera are spectaculars and makes this movie worth. It is amazing that this story of "Thirteen" was written by the fifteen years old Nikki Reed. In accordance with the information in IMDb, "it is a partially autobiographical film about Reed's rebellious life as a thirteen year old".

picture Thirteen

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