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Choco shroom potatoe chips shroom

Choco shroom potatoe chips shroom

By : dildoprincess
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plain potatoe chips
Shrooms-amount depends on potentcy
Chocolate-almond bark works great-it comes in large squares which are easy to melt. Usually you can find this in your average grocery store by the baking goods. It comes in chocolate,vanilla, or strawberry!

1: Puree shrooms up in a food processor until you get almost a powder. If you do not have one of these you can also just cut them up real fine.

2: Melt your chocolate in a large bowl

3: Add shroom powder and mix well

4: Take a single potatoe chip and dip into mixture,be carefull you don't break the chip.

5: Using a fork and your fingers lift coated chip out of mixture onto a sheet of waxed paper to harden.

6: After the chips have hardened they are ready to munch on! These snacks last long in a airtight container, just make sure you keep them cool or they will melt and make a mess!


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