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Magic Rumballs

-1 1/2c. graham cracker or chocolate wafer crumbs
- 1/2oz. dried, ground up mushrooms.
-1/2c. finely chopped nuts - walnut and pecan are awesome
- 1/2c.butter
-1c.icing sugar
-rum enough to moisten/hold together
- more icing sugar

1. combine dry ingredients,
2. add butter and rum till they hold together- but not a mush.
3. Roll into balls and roll in icing sugar

Makes enough for 4 people to have an 1/8th... provided you really like rumballs, cause depending on the size of the balls you'll prolly get 2 or 3 dozen out of the recipe... so if you dont get the munchies then maybe cut back other ingredients.

-also yummy with brandy
-other stuff to consider a) rum and coconut instead of other nuts b)brandy and chocolate wafers, shaved chocolate instead of nuts, and roll in chocolate sprinkles



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