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Magic Spice, good and simple

By :Dominic
E-mail :DisturbedDude021@comcast.net

2-3 grams of magic shrooms, depending on wanted effects.
1 teaspoon pepper, not freshly crushed
1 teaspoon salt

1) first, dry out your shrooms, by hanging it outside of your porch, or in your closet hidden
2) next, cut your dried shrooms length wise, croosly, like the ones you get on your pizza
3) put salt, peper, and shrroms in a small bowl or cup, and mixed in all together
4) in the same bowl, grind the ingredients, smash it, or anything to get it into a solid color
5) finally, add it to your favorite dish, marinate, next to anything would be good The effects would last about 2 1/2 hours(the more shrooms, and the smaller the dish, the better, longer, and stronger the effects



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