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Fresh Magic Mushroom Tea


1/3 - 1 1/2 pounds of fresh picked and washed magic mushrooms.
5 - 10 cups of lukewarm water.
Tea Bags.

Method: To make this magical brew you must first gather your fresh magic mushrooms. After you have your mushrooms you wash them off (cow manure can carry diseases). Now cut them into SMALL pieces on a cutting board (try to catch the hallucinogenic juice you'll need it!) and put every part of the Magic Mushroom into a pot with your water.

Slowly start to boil your water and let boil for atleast 10 minutes (to kill all the germs), the longer you boil it the better. Make sure it starts to show purple foam on top of the water.

Now before you strain it add the tea bags (I don't see anything wrong with caffine) and let the tea infuse with the juice of the Magic Mushrooms.
Get your strainer ready because you need to take all the shrooms and tea bags out of your Magic Mushroom juice (a shirt or towel works fine). Squeeze all the excess juice out of the mushrooms and tea bags (these mushrooms can be boiled up to three more times, so save em!). Pour all this juice into a jug.

Now add your sugar (how ever much sugar you want in it) and stir or shake vigorously! Now get you some ice and put it into cups and chug! The important word here is chug! the more you drink the harder you'll trip! Also every time befor you refill your cup make sure to shake the jug.

After several minutes you might feel queezy or start to yawn, This is normal after those effects ware away you will be left with strong mind altering hallucinations! ENJOY the Magic Tea !



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