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Mushroom Sesame Balls


Dried, finely ground mushrooms of your choice.
Double that volume (not the weight!) of the best whole sesame seeds.

Fine honey
Dash of salt.

Toast the sesame seeds lightly in a dry cast iron frying pan on medium high setting, stirring heartily. When they start popping and smelling great, that's enough. Pour them into a bowl and let them cool. Set a small handful aside, then whiz the rest in a blender until there's only about 30% whole seeds visible. Add mushrooms, whiz again. (For additional Ch'i, you can do all this whizzing in a suribachi.) Pour into a bowl, add a small amount of salt and enough honey to attain clay-like consistency. Roll into one-inch balls, licking hands frequently. Roll balls in whole sesame seeds, store in tightly sealed container in a cool place. Take anywhere. Guard against unsuspecting refrigirator raiders.



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