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15 cops rush in guns out

Substances: Acid
By: Angela
E-mail: smokin_bud@msn.com

Ok I'm 22 now but in high school I went on a trip that is still talked about in our town: pitcure this, my partner in crime Liz and i went to school on Friday sometime in may, now being a life long pot head we took off first class for the early morning stone.
So we're in the car and a buddy of ours gets in and offers us acid to drive him to some house (sure no problem) so its like 9am we pick up this fuckin nut and he wants to go to hali a city about 5 hours from here we figure we can make it and be home in time, fuck it we;re ripped.

So the way up this guy has every soft drug around and just gives it 2 us, so we're trippin listening to Guns-n-roses the whole way so 2 hours into the trip we spot a hitcher some skinny chick so we picked her up she going to Halifax 2 we gave her what they had and went on our way so long story shorter, we got to the city the chick wants up 2 go 2 her apt for a party. No problem when we get there it's a fuckin crack house now I'm no crack head so this was warped people fuckin on the dirty floor and shootin up it was crazy but we watched and tripped and drank this went on for hours untill the door busted open and about 15 cops rush in guns out and freakin me and Liz r in the bathroom snorting retlin(an upper).
So we figure somethin up we climb out the window( second story) and fall in a hedge and take off, PROBLEM our fuckin car is in the drive way. And we're right out of'er, what 2 do???
We watch our ride home bein towed away and we're too fried to stop it. So we stan there and scratch our heads just then the hitchiker we picked up comes around the corner and says she can help us for a price so we gave this crack whore 20 bucks to go down to the towing company and give the big fat guy a blow job to give us our car before any police paper work comes through. So we got the fuck on the road and home.

So what happened to our buddt Shawn (gave us acid) and the nut he picked up?? They both went to jail in the city.
Shawn had a hard time explaining to his mom why he was @ a crack house 5 hours away instead of school. And as 4 me and liz........ we got off scott fuckin free
Thanx angela cooper

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