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20 Guys on LSD in Belgium

Substances: LSD
By: Jah-Rass

Well, we got on to the idea of dropping acid (lsd as you might know) because of a friend of mine who said that the experience was mind blowing. So i went out, and didn't came home until i scored some acid. I live in belgium and this is kind of a police state as you americans call it,i had to go through alot of trouble before i found some... we planned to take it on friday, and take a city walk while on acid. I called some friends to join me a few days in advance and it was taken care of. days passed ans it turned friday, ACID day... we met at 5'0 clock in the afternoon in the park,and decided we wanted to drop just before it was dark, so we went on to a friend's house to smoke a few joints. a few hours passed and we all dropped the poststamp-like acid. we rolled another joint to wait until it started kicking in. this took about 45 minutes, and then my hands started to itch, and tickle, and the really weird tickle went up my spine and down again! i asked a few friends and we were all experiencing this. we decided it was time to go out and explore; explore what our town looked like in this state... my friends house is located near the town centre, so not far from bars 'n shit,we wanted to see some people walking,because it was so funny, it was like a cartoon! now i'm not talking shit, i have tried so many drugs before, i'm a chemistry student and i just look up available formula's and create the drug. though this didn't work for acid.(it has to be generated in a space without oxygen) This was without doubt the most powerful drug i ever took! we arrived at the bar streetand we started to look at eachother, my friend jim,(wearing yellow pants) was so bright i couldn't even look in his direction, and andy was whirling like as if i was being thrown up and down :)
suddenly i realised that we were all in the same state! and i started yelling it out loud to all my friends (at a busy bus stop in big town centre friday at 10'o clock!) HEY YOU GUYS ARE YOU ALL AS FUCKED UP AS I AM?

They all replied positive, and we decided to walk in the bar street's direction.(doing the best we can,but walking was so fucking hard!) everywhere orange streetlights turned brightly green, as if they were filled with ooze, then purple, then bloodred wich kinda scared me... On acid your brain is resized to the size of a 6 year old who is seriously under influence of hallucinogenics. i told this to jim, who was walking next to me, laughing his ass off because he just had met his grandma, she was talking to him and he was laughing in her face WHAT ARE YOU SAYING LEPRECHAUN?

His grandmother,totally not understanding what was going on, grabbed his arms and started yelling he was drunk! seeing this (we all stood in a circle around hem with approx. 20 guys on acid) we all started to laugh our asses off, i mean we just couldn't stop, i had to run away with everybody because the old bitch didn't stop nagging and i dragged jim along on his arm, i had to run i couldn't stop laughing, i was laughing for like 5 minutes,really out loud and my belly was like torn-up. we were in the middle of bar street and suddenly andy was struck down to the floor yellin about birds or some shit, i went to check him out, saw him lying and started to laugh so loud that everyone in that whole street heard me, and they were all looking, i looked around and started yelling HEY ASSHOLES WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?
suddenly it was like everybody except my own friends were trying to attack us and this old guy who stood in front of 20, totally delirious,madly tripping young people yelled ALL OF YOU DRUG ADDICTS GET A LIFE! and the whole mob of aciddroppers thaught as one, and crushed the old bat in front of them, leaving blood trails on a sidewalk with a thousand colors. The acid was not even near the peak yet, the worst was still to come! we moved on leaving all the spectators in great confusion of what state we were in. At one time i realised that we must all look very stupid under the acid, and i decided to look to some friends. Fre, this strong guy with an inmense torso was talking with a very high voice, he was constantly blabbering mathemathical gibberish, he was like a walking formula book, then i turned to pete (bald dude), he was constantly scratching his skull,yelling that he'd been bitten by a boeing 747 and that blood was pouring out and i tried to calm him but it wouldn't work,so i just looked him straight in the face, and starting laughing so hard,until he started to laugh along, and suddenly everyone was laughing! (this is a gold tip: if you ever go bad on acid just laugh and it's fun again).

We moved into the most busy part of bar street and we felt like one team, the connection was so real you could reach out and touch it! we walked closely next to eachother,(with 20 or so) filling the whole street. i looked straight up and noticed that all the windows of all buildings were distorted into a smile, i told everyone about this, yelling it out loud (on acid you don't have any boundaries, you don't care about what they think of you, the only thing you feel is love, and (cliché) unity)
they noticed it too and found it very scaring! suddenly,about 10 of them started to blabber and convulsing,they dropped like stones! i decided not to focus on this and stay happy, cuz once you go really bad, you do not get out. ever.
i had seen various people who dropped acid, freaked and never got out again, even this one dude who's in a mental institution.(he thinks he's an orange)
I tried to help a few up, and so did the others, but it din't work, they just couldn't stay up!

Imagine what sight this was, about 10 guys who looked like they'd escaped a nuthouse,yelling all sorts of stuff that din't make ANY sense ( one dude yelled for Cookie (turned out to be his mouse in 4th grade...) another was begging for forgiveness to his grandfather who'd passed away 5 years ago, he sweared that his grandfather was standing there, and he even started to cry.( on acid like i said b4 no boundaries, not even emotional) this hurted me so bad, to see one of my friends cry that i just started to cry along...(imagine 20 and a 19 yr old
dudes crying 2gether in the middle of a bar street, amongst others, lying down, sitting up, all blabbering gibberish) We (the ones who could still
talk,more or less ) dragged all of the crashed to the park across the street,and we all lyed down in the grass. then it just started... i closed my eyes and it felt like i had not closed but opened them, to all wich is beautiful in this world. an amazing set of colours bounced through my head back and forth, up and down. out of the corner of my left eye came a very bright dot, and i told myself to let go, cuz i felt i was struggling. so i let go completely, and the white dot absorbed my and i was like trapped inside a comet, moving with an enormous speed, i could see city after city flying by and everywhere huge colourful fractals covering the inside of this comet-like thing i was in, combined with sets of lights wich seemed to make me dizzy, so i looked away(if you ever see unpleasant stuff, look away, just ignore)and the annoying light vanished and where replaced by others, bright red ones wich i was sucked in to.
i started to fall, i could feel it in my stomach, like in a rollercoaster i fell and fell and kept on falling until i saw the vague reflection of myself lying in the grass,like 200 m underneath my, moving at high speed towards myself. i land.

I wake up, feeling totally destroyed, with a heavy head, feeling like i just had a lobotomy, in the park amongst other friends. it was already broad daylight, and life has took its course again, people were shopping, tourist walking by, and they were all looking at us, we were like a collection of drug addicts bums sleeping in the park ;) fuck them, i blew my mind that night. I've changed, totally, since then. as a last note thnx for listening to this shit ( i've been carrying it along for 2years without a listening ear) cyaround, Jah-Rass

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