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3 sweet tarts of acid
I saw fireworks & bright colors floating around
Substances: Acid

OK, well, me and my friend Audrey wanted to go over to my friend Jaykob*s house, so we told her mother that we were staying with "Tiffany" God knows who that is. So, after we get over there we are sitting around drinking a little bit, and then Jaykob asks if I want to take some acid, having only done it once before (and it didn*t affect me since it was weak) I was a little nervous, but I decided to take it any way.
We went into his kitchen & he opened his refrigerator and got out a long, skinny cylinder of foil. He gave me 3 sweet tarts, and he gave Audrey 2. He said lay them smooth side down on your tongue & here is a teething toy, you*re gonna need it.

So after about 30 minutes, Audrey & I were sitting in the living room, playing with this skull they had that has electricity inside, I was mesmerized. Minutes seemed like hours at this point in the night. Jaykob*s room~mate finally came home, Matt was his name.
Well, he knew what was happening with us, and he kept getting on the phone, Audrey was convinced he was calling the cops, but it turned out that he was just calling some other guys to come over.

So we sat & listened as all the guys were talking about the drugs they were on...crank, coke, and of course weed. So after we had sat there for a little bit I looked at the ground, there was beige carpet, and a green mushroom painted on it to the right of my feet. I thought it was weird so I ignored it.
The next time I looked down, the mushroom had moved to the left side, I thought this was weird so I went into the bedroom & watched the computer*s screen saver, I was just entranced in the colors & swirls & all the beauty in it. I stayed there forever then Audrey came in & started babbling in some foreign language I couldn*t understand.

Then she started screaming "YES I SWEAR," "WHY NOT???", "FUCK OFF ASSHOLE" I was soooo confused, I had to get out of there so I went into the next room & laid down on the waterbed looking up @ the ceiling. I could still see the screensaver Swirling, the Beautiful Colors, the Music, it was so lovely, then I looked at the clock and it was 6 in the morning.
I went into the living room, all the guys were still there & they gave me another hit of acid, & after I took it I asked Matt if he wanted to go on a walk with me, we went outside & I sat down, a bush was near me & people were walking around on the side walk.

I hid behind the bush, I*m sure I looked stupid, and then Matt came back with me & kissed me, after that I saw fireworks & bright colors floating around, supposively we were out there for a while, when we got back it was 8, so Audrey called her Mom to come get us & we went home. Then, while I was @ her house my dad called & told me I was supposed to call Amy, so I got on the phone, but I had forgotten how to dial.
It was weird. So Audrey*s Mom had to dial the phone for me & after beating around the bush asked me what I was on, I told her acid & she smiled & went into a gaze like she was remembering her past stoner days. Then, we went to sleep, and I woke up to someone crawling in the window over my head, all I could see when I woke up was crotch, yeah it was weird.
Then I saw who it was & fell back asleep. When I woke up @ 7 PM I was totally sober, it really sucked so I fell back asleep & got up 4 school the next AM.



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