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I have never been in such a happy/relaxing mood

Substances: Mushrooms
By: Jennifer

Last night, Jan.18th, was my second time taking shrooms. The first time I tried them, they had no effect on me, and I could not stand their taste. For my second time, I shredded them in a coffee blender, then capped the powder. My two friends and I were splitting 2 eights, so we each had 6 caps. We all took them at 6 pm. By 6:25, my best friend immediatly starting seeing things. Then 20 minutes later my other friend was feeling the effects. By 7:45, I was still not stoned. I was quite confused as to why. I went the fridge, took a beer and slowly drank. By eight, it hit me. I was sitting in my kitchen with in my boyfriend, my two friends, my oldest brother and his friend. Everything that was red in the room started to make the light seem as though it was tinted red. Then just about everything else red in the room stood out. Everyone was laughing together, and having a great time. We were downloading trippy songs and watching trippy patterns on my computer. My best friend has bright blond hair and she had crimped it. I look as though every strand was growing longer and longer, and the crimps were so evenly perfect. My house is very very old, thus making the walls look as though they had just been plastered and were still wet and somewhat dripping.

Everyones faces were turning colours, especially around the cheek bones. We downloaded several episodes of "trailor park boys" and watched them. I don't think I laughed so hard in my entire life, tears were streaming down my face. We had turned off the lights, and the light that the computer was giving off was reflecting off everyones faces. I couldn't sit still, and found it hard to pay attention to the shows we were watching, so I got up and starting clearing up a little, finding something trippier and trippier in every different room I took step into. I would have to say that the only part of the night I did not enjoy was the dog waking back and forth, in circles and wanting endless attention. The carpet in my room has flowers and vines on it. They were all moving and twisting. We turned off the ligths in my room and watched the glow in the dark stars come alive...it was beautiful. I have never been in such a happy/relaxing mood. Everything was perfect. I realized how much I really do love my boyfriend, (well I already knew that but I paid much more thought to it). I was glad that I was with some of the people I loved the most in the world. I would have to admit that after such an experience I would love to do it again, but knowing its negative effects on your mind/health, I might not for a while. I'll have to stick with reality and keep the memories of this perfect night.

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