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I smoked the weed my dog started snapping at me

Substances: Cannabis
By: Jammy-X
Webpage: http://deady_teddy.tripod.com

Me and a couple of my good friends, wanted to go smoke some really good weed. We had I think it was 15 grams, so we split it between us, we each got 5 grams, so anyway my friends rolled their weed into joints, I used a pipe that another friend let me borrow. So I took pipe hits, and while I was smoking my dog started to growl at me, and usually he is happy and calm, so anyway, I smoked it all. Within 2 minutes after, I smoked the weed my dog started snapping at me, he grabbed my pants and tore a hole in them. I tried to get away, and my friends were trying to pull him off of me. When I finally got free, I headed upstairs running as fast as I possibly could, and he chased right after me. One of my friends let him outside, and we left him out there. The rest of the day I can't really recal, but I remember when my mom got home she yelled at me saying "WHY DID YOU LEAVE THE DOG OUT IN THE COLD" I just shrugged my shoulders and went to my room downstairs, and me and my friends just listened to System of a Down the rest of the day. Other than the bite marks, it was the funniest stoner moment with me and my friends.
(Keep on smokin!)

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