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I was back to reality sitting on the floor of a bloody jail

Substances: Mushrooms
By: Samo
E-mail: zepher789@hotmail

I've read a lot of goofy posts about attempting to make love to tree stumps for hours and swimming with socks which are great and I figured it would be nice to tell about my 1st trip on shrooms. My girlfriend woke me up a 6a.m. She had been in the city all night trying to score shrooms she finally did and drove the hour and a half my house. So my girlfriend her friend and myself each ate an eighth smeared with peanut butter. About a half-hour later we went out to my front yard it was just a tingle of brighter colors like the world was slipping into its cartoon format. When went inside things started to fall out of place I put some Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother-father shout- on, but my girlfriend's friend started flipping out a bit which made me loose it a bit so we only made it about 5 seconds of music. I was trying to have a decent time talking about nothing and I felt like my people were getting the wrong impression.I then thought I could not communicate with people that I never could never would be able to and would be stuck in my mind forever.

So I decided to spend some time by myself and went into the woods on a trail a frequented. Patterns of colors were starting to devour my vision in ever leaf there was a never-ending pattern I was falling into grains of dirt. I was loosing reality I thought of the tribes you see on discovery channel dancing around naked to the beating of pulsating drums and ants traveling in packs to their own rhythm. Never ending patterns that the world consisted of filled my eyes I couldn't take it, I looked for a stick to stab my eyes out couldn't find one with a sharp enough point. I closed my eyes but the colored patterns remained it was just darker I was tearing at my skin and clothes I wished I could fall asleep and wake up to reality it wasn't happening. I tried to climb a tree so I could jump off but I was too weak. I saw a bear it turned into a hundred bears but I knew there was only one or two.just couldn't tell which one was real.so I ran after it and it ran away. Then I went back to my house I saw my girlfriend she was happy to see me, I yelled and picked her up I was happy for a few seconds. Then they started talking about stupid shit just like people always do I couldn't take it, had to get away.

So I went to my truck.I bet you can guess what fun filled road this is leading to. One turn of a corner and there was a steep downhill then a fork in the road and if you didn't turn right of left there was a house. That looked like fun so I floored it, I can make myself sick to my stomach to this day by thinking of the noise that followed (I didn't do it on purpose). I tore my way out of the ruble and ran down the road barefoot shirtless and bloody. People in my neighborhood who knew me as the lifeguard that taught their kids how to swim called to me and I turned smiled said hello and went back to running. I dived into some deep weeds to be alone for a bit, soon enough the sirens came. And a cop was yelling at me to come out, and waited for him to call me about 3 more times and complied. He wanted to know my name and stupid stuff like that, but I really just wanted him to shoot me in the head. There were about 8 cops staring at me as I begged them to throw my lifeless body into the lake so I could sink into the soft bottom. They were then looking at each other and I thought they were thinking that maybe that should let this kid get his final wish. Turns out the room before the jail cells is really freaky looking there's red squares on the wall and stainless steel stools. So I flipped out but didn't put up much of a fight for the 5 cops there. In my jail cell I had some fun stories going on found out I was living in a Truman show kind of world and that's why it never made any sense.

Also thought that I now that I knew I could do anything could slip out of these handcuffs whenever I want. Blood was dripping from my head in patterns on the floor on the wall and ceiling. The cops came in every once in awhile and the only way they would leave me alone is if I made enough noise. About 3pm I was back to reality sitting on the floor of a bloody jail cell I wasn't too happy to be there, I may have run over some kids playing with toys in their house, my hair was falling out. The cop told me I didn't hurt anybody, so I can say that I am an unbelievably lucky person. I got a 10-day vacation at the county jail because I couldn't post bail till I got a psychiatric evaluation. This could have taken a few months if I waited for the state to get me one, or I could shell out the 1700 to get one myself. All together my trip cost me about 5 grand and 6months of time away from school, and I was lucky.

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