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A bad trip

Substances: Mushrooms
By: Matt
E-mail: emcee83@hotmail.com

Well, one Saturday night, in the summer. I just recently bought around 13 grams of mush of one of my buddies. I bought it cause I had a friend of mine that wanted to drop them with me. So me and my 2 friends, met up at some school. I took out my bag of mushies, one of my friends payed me for 4, and I spotted 4 to my other friend. Now before droppin the mush, we decided to have a little sesh with one of my buddies pipe. So we ended up smoking about 2 grams to ourselves, then we decided to drop our mush. We ate them up with no problem since we had the munchies real bad. So after finishing all of them, we decided to go for a walk. We walked up near the mall and when we got around Tim Hortons, me and my buddy were starting to feel the mushies. We started giggling uncontrollably. We left Tim Hortons and were about to cross the street to the mall when I decided to say "man, im pretty fucked up, should we book?" my other buddy agreeded with me, but my other friend was telling us not to book and to just calm down. We all eventually got back on our bikes and went home. On my way home all I could see were the same people over and over again, I am not sure on how I got home since I was soo fucked up. I came home and my rents had friends over, and of course they all wanted to talk to me, I was so nervous and everything that I walked straight past them and said I needed to go to bed. I went to my room, got undressed, got in my bed and realized I could'nt sleep, so I came back out, went downstairs and decided to try and phone my girlfriend, since that was the only thing really on my mind at the time, other than the fact that I knew I was messed up and I could'nt controll it. So I called her and I sat in a corner of my computer room no shirt on, wrapped in a blanket and I must of asked her "are you there?" and million times cause I thought she kept leaving me. Soon after my rents came in and said I should go to bed, so I listened to them and I went to bed, I could'nt sleep so I just sat up all night drawing and looking at my hands and feet pretty much since they tripped the hell out of me. After the phone conversation things started to calm down for me, I just had a bad trip to start off with. If you don't think this was a bad trip, then you had to have been in my mind to know what I'm talking about. That was my third time dropping mush, and right now I'm considering about buying an Ounce of mushies! Good times!

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