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a black cloud came in front off my eyes and i fell off the chair

Substances: Cannabis
By: Geordie
E-mail: swainsy@msn.com

The other day in school my mates brought in a 10 deal of cannabis for break time and lunch. At lunch time when i began to take some hits everything was ok and there was no effect but when i took my tenth pipe my vison went all funny and everything went bouncy. i couldnt hear right my mates voices were faint and i thought i just needed a munch so i ate a packet of sweets but just stayed the same. When i got into class i couldnt stop laughing and then i felt as if i was gonna whitey 'be sick'. i started feeling all cold and the bouncing got faster and faster and my friends started laughin and then i just looked towards a girl in my class and i couldnt focus on her. my vison started to bounce up and down and then a black cloud came in front off my eyes and i fell off the chair. i never ever gotr this again it was scarey but also fuckin brilliant. SMOKE LIKE FUCK

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