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A camping trip

Substances: Cannabis
By: Beth Larson
E-mail: Punkrock093@hotmail.com

it was a week befor school got out and me and two of my friends decided to go on a camping trip, we got it all planed out and my mom helped us, she just thought is was so cute and it would be a good experience to go camping with my friends. (she is kinda dumb)so we went out and bought a big sack of pot and grabed all the lightres we could fid and all the food we could get and went on a camping trip two days after school ended. we were gone for 4 days, it was the funnest four days of my life. we were high for the entire four days, more high then i have ever been in my life. We would pack a bowl befor we went to bed so we would have it right away in the morning.

Then we decided to go tubing down this little river, not a big deal, people do it all the time. the guy gave us some tubes and told us where to go to get in and he said it would take us about 45 min. to get back. so we tied our three tubes together and put a cooler in the middle, grabed two big sticks incase we got stuck and pushed off. once we get out of view we light up (we only brought a little over one bowl) so after we smoked up we were just laughing and haveing a good time till we look ahead of us and see rapids! we were all scared shitless, and just about lost my friend going over them, then the rest of the way was extreemly shallow, we had to walk for a long time cuz there wasen't enough water we thought it had been an awfly long time so I looked at my watch and it had been an hour so we should have been pretty close to the camp grounds.

Well we keeped pushing along, and then it got to the point where we coulden't walk cuz it was all just muck, and you coulden't stand on it or push with the sticks, we were all freaking out, and we were trippin'. then we see some one up ahead on the shore so we called for help and sme freaky lookin guy comes out and askes us what was wrong (it had been about 2 hours at this point) and we asked how far we were from the aple rive camp grounds and he said we would still have a good hour ahead of us, and it was getting dark. so we asked him if he could drive us back and he did so we all get in to his creepy looking van with this guys who looked lke a crazy man and he brought us back to camp. it was so damn crazy. deffinetly the crazyest trip i have ever had.... whoa....

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