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ACID Trippin

Substances: ACID
By: Sublime

Ok, this story took me a few days to write. Its about the last time i took acid about a year ago. I'm not a great writer but hopefuly you'll enjoy it.....

One of my friend’s parents were going away for the night so him and his sister threw a party. Me and a few other friends took the acid (which we bought earlier that day) at a nearby friends house and then headed over to the party right after that. Normally it takes me an hour or two to feel acid. However this time i felt it as soon as i got to the house where the party was at.

We arrived at the house to find that the Parents had not left yet. We were invited in and handed drinks. The father of the house was sitting watching a chess tournament on tv. By this time I was definitely feeling the effects of the acid and was struggling to hold on. when i looked at my friends they all looked like they were feeling the same. My friend’s father started talking us through the game explaining how the two players had played each other fifteen years before and had replicated the first ten moves of that match in some kind of mind game, or something like that it was hard to concentrate. This was just a bit more than I could stand. After a while (god knows how long, I certainly don’t) the parents left and the night progressed. The party filled up and became very crazy.

It’s a haze now but I remember laughing constantly and uncontrollably for a long while. After a point I wanted to phone home and tell my parents that I would be staying out tonight because like an idiot I hadn’t thought ahead and made excuses. Since i was tripping I didn’t want to use the phone in the house since I thought that people would play pranks on the other extension and there was no way was my mind flexible enough to deal with such pranks. The idea came to me to walk to the nearest phone, which was at the end of the street outside a string of stores. I asked for someone to come with me but no one wanted toon. So i went by myself.

Reaching the payphone was suprisingly easy however it was already taken. This small setback seemed like a huge blow to my ambitions of making a phone call. Not wanting to hang around outside the stores, due to intense feelings of self-consciousness bordering on paranoia, I decided to go into a store to waste a few inutes of time. Stumbling into the store I was hit by the bright fluorescent lights. I walked in and I managed to buy a soda.

When i got out of the store the payphone was empty so I then proceeded onto the telephone call home. I struggled to remeber the number but finally managed to punch in something I thought was a close enough. A women’s voice answered and I didn’t recognise it. Rather than explain “wrong number” and hang up, I was so confused I made a couple of acward sounds and hung up. As soon as the phone disconnected I realised that it was my mother’s voice that I had just hung up on. Now in some kind of panic I struggled to find any small change and just flung in the first coin I had. I managed to call back and i said the first thing that came to my mind which was that i dropped the phone and i was staying at a friends house.(that might not sound like a hard thing too do but believe me it was hard)

Task done I headed back to the party. As I walked back my mind, which had been taken up completely by the logistics of the phone call, began to really wander and I realised that I couldn’t remember How old I was, what day it was, whether I was in school, sixth form or whatever. I couldn’t remeber if it was the holidays or just a normal weekend. Through a serious effort I managed to sweep aside such concerns and returned to the party.

I managed after a short while to get back into the rhythm of the party and enjoyed myself for the next few hours. However the drama had not finished yet. I was sitting outside with a few friends in the back garden. One of their friends, who I hardly new, was a bit of an ass hole. He had also had the acid and was going a bit mental. He was talking constantly to the group walking around in the garden. The group listened to him and laughed occasionally. I laughed along with the group politely while looking for an excuse to leave as it was obvious that this guy was losing it and could turn violent. Whether he could sense my uncomfortableness or just didn’t like the look of me I don’t know, he suddenly stared at me and asked what I was laughing at. Were there was laughter it fell into intense silence. It is hard to explain the sudden dropping feeling that came over me as he made his challenge. There was laughter and a warm feeling, then suddenly a deep dropping sensation, silence, a sudden coldness, and a feeling that I was on the spot and had to respond as a failure to could result in violence, (which i wasn't able to deal with at the time) This sudden flip of events shocked me so severely that I could only manage to say that I was laughing at nothing. This didn’t help matters much and it was only the intervention of mutual friends which calmed the mad fucker down. I left the garden and went inside. I managed to brush of the confrontation and enjoy the rest of the party.

After the party i went to a friends house and slowly began to pass out. Although i have enjoyed the few times ive done acid i dont plan on doing it again any time in the near future. I just preffer shrooms. I hope this isn't too long.

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