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Acting like a fool, hopping all around like an idiot

Substances: Cannabis
By: Crydie P.
E-mail: crydiepoosta@hotmail.com

Ok, this was my first time ever smoking weed. I rolled up about a dimebag with crushed bidi in a coconut zigzag. I was with 2 other people. Originally the spliff was meant for me and my friend , lets call him Matt, but my other friend, lets call him steve decided to have some. Me and steve didnt feel anythign at first. We each took a good 4 hits to 5 hits off it. matt took a few and got high. steve said he was done and he headed off back to the house, discusted in the horrible weed. But when he reached the door, he decided to come back and rummage through my shed. "hey you got anything good in here? anything you dont need anymore?" and just seeing him snooping through my boxes of old storage stuff was hilarous. I started feeling it right when he snooped. Matt was acting like a fool, hopping all around like an idiot because he loves getting high. And all i did was feel the similar buzz a cigarette gives, with a little bit of laughter. Well it left me laughing for a good 10 minutes then i felt normal. Afterward matt and i went in the house and he ate a good 1/2 pack of oreo cookies (20 cookies) while todd slept on the couch for 3 hours and then mysteriously disappeared. Me and matt still laugh to this day about steve snoopin. Maybe next time ill roll it straight with some better weed. ill post my next experience if its any good.

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