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Alice in Wonderland

Substances: Mushrooms and cannabis

I took the mushrooms first and hit 3 bowls of weed. We went out to buy more 'shrooms and I noticed everything looked really clean and brighter. We got back to the house and made 'shroom tea, after we made the tea we hit the bong a couple more times and put on Alice in Wonderland (The BEST movie to watch while shrooming in my opinion.) I laid back on the couch and shut my eyes and I heard my friend calling my name and when I opened my eyes to look at her everything looked like it had animated tye-dye swirling through it. I remember holding my chest because it felt like cold water was rushing down on me. My head felt like I was upside down in water......like you can hear stuff going on but you can't make anything out. I looked up at the wall and she had a big poster of Jim Morrison from The Doors up...and I seen like the outlines of people flying out from behind him and he was trying to reach out to me......It was a fuckin trip......I haven't gave it up since!!!!!!!!!

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