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A lightning bug committed suicide

Substances: Cannabis
By: Leah

My friend Kaylee and I smoked weed almost every day during the Summer after my sophomore year, it was after her senior year. We would always drive around on the backroads of our town and smoke a few bowls. We coined this "country baking".
One night while we were on a bake, we were stoned out of our minds, and time just slowed down as it usually does when we're stoned. All of a sudden, a lightning bug committed suicide on the windshield of her car, and I sat there and stared at it.
As I kept looking, it kept glowing, and it wouldn't stop lighting up. So I turned her attention to it, and as we both watched it glow, we practically ran off the road and almost got ourselves killed. Of course, us being high, thought it was hilarious, and almost died laughing.

Gotta love lightning bugs.

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