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All of a sudden all the trees were talkin to me

Substances: Mushrooms
By: Richard

im just now coming down from a crazy trip it was wonderfull....anyways me and my friend ate some mushrooms and 30 mminutes later i was standning outside with john and all of a sudden all the trees were talkin to me there where so many they were uncountable and they said to me in a relaxing voice: richard you must come and experiance natures buety. they all had marvouls faces like those of great kings from long ago from tales lost from this world it was crazy and there where grasshoppers chirping it was like an ancient song coming to life with the trees but neways so we went into the forest it was tripped out they were talking to me i cant explain it it was like i knew the reason for my exsistance.... then we came back inside and my room looked like a jungle and the leaves where flashing different coulers....then i guess i fell asleep because my friend john was standing over me the next thing i knew

it was amazing i will for sure experiance natures bueaty agin and any one who hasnt done mushies.........do em!

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