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All we had was sleeping bags and some weed

Substances: Cannabis and LSD
By: Matthew

I was out with 4 mates one night about a week ago. We had planned to get completely stoned and then sleep in a tent in the middle of some fields which are rarely used. We went and got a load of weed which was sprayed with LSD (Northern Lights) and then went to this quiet(ish) area. My mate, who was supposed to be bringing the tent told us when he got there that he couldn't find his tent. So all we had was sleeping bags and some weed. We lit a fire to keep warm and we started rolling some spliffs. We had about 20 between the 5 of us. We were doing blowbacks and bongs and stuff. As it came to about 1am we were all completely stoned. We were near a small stream which was almost empty. We were settling down to go to sleep in our sleeping bags in the corner of this field when one of my mates said that he saw a fish flapping about and going towards him. He got really scared for some reason and went and lay the other side of me. The rest of us could see nothing strange.

Then after about 10 minutes the fire went out. I looked around, feeling a bit dazed. All of a sudden, I saw a figure in the distance. As it moved closer I saw that it was a black man wearing a big white trench coat. He was swinging a samuri sword around his head and running towards me. I jumped to my feet getting ready to run away. One of my mates asked me where I was going and I told him that I was getting ready to run from the man who was running towards us with a huge sword. As it was now really dark and they had been asleep their eyes hadn't adjusted to the darkness and they got up. My mate who thought he had seen the fish ran and fell into the small stream while tripping over his sleeping bag. He fell right in and got quite wet. The other 3 got up and tried to look around. They couldn't see anything strange. I pointed it out to them and they said that there was nothing there. At this point the man turned and ran away. As he was running he was still swinging the sword around his head, and he accidently cut his head straight off. I was scared and screamed like a little girl.

I told them what I had seen and they decided that we should go over and look, cos we didnt want to get done for murder or anything. So if there was a dead man there we were gonna leg it. One of my mates was still drying his sleeping bag, trying to heat it with his lighter. Three of us walked over to where the man cut his head off with our lighters, while 2 of them stayed and tried to dry the sleeping bag. We found nothing...I had just been hallucinating which was lucky. We turned around and started walking back, only to see my mates sleeping bag on fire. The fire was getting bigger. None of us knew what to do. Suddenly one of my mates just whipped his dick out and started pissing on it. It didnt put it all out. Then, in unison almost, we all got our cocks out and tried to force out some piss. We managed to put out the fire and then we decided to go and find somewhere else to sleep. We found an abandoned car which had probably been stolen. So we got in and hot boxed the car with the weed we had left. We went to sleep completely stoned with all the windows up. I woke up in the morning feeling very sick, having been basically smoking weed in my sleep. It was a very memorable night!

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