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Always use a pipe

Substances: Cannabis
By: Sally Gneiss

OK i only smoke 3 times and i thought i knew what it was like to get high but i had to idea. I recently purchased a pipe and decided to use it. Me and my friend had a blunt each and then i had my pipe.

I'm not good at rolling so my blunt was kinda lap-sided. We had a dime bag and we only used half the bag on our blunts. I had smoked my blunt and when i was done i used the rest of the weed in the pipe. WOW! I never knew someone could get that high.

I saw so many colors that i had never seen before, i heard songs that never sounded that good before. Right after we where done we went to a Chinese restaurant and it felt like i was in a movie. I was floating above me whatching what was happening. I knew everything someone was going to say before they said it. Things stayed like this way until the next morning.

If you learn one thing from this story learn this, ALWAYS USE A PIPE!

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