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Analyze peoples personalities

Substances: Mushrooms
By: Deliath

For the first time i was on mushies, i decided to go up to a cabin at the lake with a bunch of my friends,i was the only one on them, the rest of the people were just drinking. At first i was kinda scared, but i was in a good mood so i think that effected it alot, i truthfully believe you have to be in a good mood to take them, anywase, they finally started to kick in around 830 or so, and from then on it was completely insane...

I saw the typical walls moving *everythings fun* deal, however it went a step beyond that in the last half of my trip. All i could do was analyze peoples personalities and build them a psychological profile as they talked to me, it was almost like when your on acid and you can feel the energies of other people, but it was more sophisticated. This was so intense because at that time i'd done a few drugs but nothing more than weed, e, speed and coke which i don't think are nearly as fun as mushies and acid. Back to this profile thing, it was right out a sci-fi movie. i felt super human, like i was psychic and could read into peoples mind to discover who they really were, and it worked! the next day i thought about some of the stuff i thought up and was completely entranced, one of the best experiences of my life, i love doing mushies at the cabin now its so much more free not having to worry about pigs busting you, a much better trip.

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