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A police siren started flashing

Substances: Cannabis

I went to my friend's appartment to smoke as usual and we went to the snowboard shop, cause I wanted to buy one. We took 2 bowls from my bong and added 5 blasts to it (with knife). We were so fucking high when we decided to go to the snowboard shop. As we got on the highway I noticed that a car was real near mine, stuck up on my ass as i should say. I started freakin out cause i was really nervous from the beginning. Then the worst thing that could happened, happened a police siren started flashing. So I stopped my car on the side and rapidly opened my window to be sure He wont smell the weed from our breath. My friend hasn't buckled up, he got a ticket and the policeman asked me if I used narcotics. NOW I was really FREAKIN out, I thought shit he got me, so I tried to say no as calmly as possible even If my eyes were blood shot and that I was shakin. I thought I was having a heart attack I was about to pass out. Finally he went back to his car and let us go. I started yellin at my friend as we got back on the highway. The only thing to say here DO Not drive when you're too high :)

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