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A rabit 5ft tall was made of neon lighting

Substances: Mushrooms
By: Olie Dent
E-mail: ogydent@hotmail.com

Well, it all started on the way home from college when my new found friend Adam asked if I had ever tried magic mushrooms b4, I said 'no dont know enything about them' he then handed me a bag of mushrooms dried. I didnt think much of it and planed on selling them the next day. When I got home I was makeing a sandwich, when looking for ingediants i ponderd over the thought of useing the shrooms, so i just added them and thought it wont do that much, probebly just make me feel a bit stoned or something, an hour later I was on the phone 2 my girfriend when the handset started melting, I started 2 panic and hanged up, ran in2 my room and started 2 listen 2 music, this was my first mistake coz I chose 2 listen 2 Insane Clown Posse a violent hip hop band with freakey carnival music, instantly my hole room burst in2 colour and i was there siting in the middle of a carnival with massive carni rides all around me and little toy plastic soldiers running around on the floor, I decided 2 leave the carnival so i asked a massive neon squid where 2 go 2 get out of this place, then I was back in my room siting on my bed, next 2 me was a rabit, he was tall about 5ft and was made of neon lighting, GOODAY he said 'hello' i replyed, what are u doing in my room? looking at your art, oh thats cool I said then we started a deep conversation about art and art history. Next day then, I spoke 2 my friend about the night, he said 'how meny do u have left? none i said i took them all, aparently there was enough for 3-4 trips, oops.

p.s this was last yr about this time, and iv picked a black mushroom bag allready, I garentee that WALES UK is the best place for mushrooms, they grow everywhere, best place is Freni Mountain in Pembrokeshire.
Ollie age 17 from little wales uk

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