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As I began to smoke, all of the cats stopped

Substances: Cannabis
By: Autumn
E-mail: AutumnWinz@alumni.temple.edu

I went over to my uncles house to play with his four cats and before I left I smelled some chronic near the door. He had some roaches in an ashtray so I decided to light up. As I began to smoke, all of the cats stopped what they were doing and gathered around me. It was real freaky because they were all running around earlier and I couldn't get one to come near me. One was on top of the scratching post, one was perched on my knee, and two were on the arms of the couch. Whenever I blew the smoke out, they would try and catch it and sniff it up. It was like they knew what I was doing and they were trying to get high. Afterwards, as I was leaving they were all lounging around, chillin' I guess. HAHAHA


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