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A smurf jumps out of the tv n walks over to the door

Substances: Acid
By: Bre
E-mail: hottie4life1419@netscape.net

iight, one day me n muh friends were all sittin around doin nuttin.... wen another friend came over wid acid... it was the first tyme i had ever tried it n we were all watchin the Smurfz...about 2 hours later im juss layin on the coach.... n all the sudden a smurf jumps out of the tv n walks over to the door n leaves i asked anybody if they saw it they said i was trippin i was like nah i juss saw it! i was freakin.... then i went back to see what my sisters boyfriend was doin n he was sittin on a bed saying "oh yea how was that bat" "oh thats cool" n im like who are u talkin to n he goes "dude check it out im talkin to ozzy" n i started laughin and said "well im goin back out to watch my smurfz walk out da door" n he said "huh" n i juss started laughin. that was my first time....... cant wait till me n muh friends go to the aqurium trippin off acid n shroomz.....


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