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Asses hanging out of my truck

Substances: Cannabis
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OK first of all this true story took place in my small town in North Carolina where I've been living for about 10 years. Of course like every teenager we go out and party and go on my back porch and smoke a J and hit the bong every once in a while. So I Had a drug test in like 2 days so I didn't smoke anything because I was going out for the school soccer team. Well anyway, all my friends were high as kites except me so we descided to go out into town and make fools of our selfs. First we went to wal-mart and grabed a pair of yellow duckies boxers and went around to every woman in the store and asked if they would look sexy on us and if each of us got 15 woman to say yes then we had to buy them. So since im the sexy one out of me and my friends, I bought the boxers. Then I grabed a 44 cent bag of m&m's and went to the layaway and asked what the best layaway plan would be since i only get paid 5 cent a week at my job. So after the lady starts laughing and stuff she calls assistance to the layaway for the manager to come help. After the manager said that he never heard of this sort of thing we just left the m&m's on the counter, bought like 5 dozen eggs and went out egging cars that drove by. After we ran out of eggs, we went to the 24/7 waffle house to grab a bit to eat. We were in there and we saw 4 fag marines who were talkin smack. So after we ate and left the waiter a condom as a tip, I pulled away with my friends in the back of my truck with their asses hanging out and moonin like 10 people and we heard police sirens go off. So I peel out and pull down a dark road and chill there for like 10 minutes. Then after that whole ordeal, we went to my house took a shit in a paper bag and lit it, and rang the door bell and ran off. This is my story of the night we mooned the WaffleHouse. The good thing about this true story is that none of us got caught! Brian

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