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Ate about 50 chocolate bars

Substances: Cannabis
By: Derek
E-mail: lil_d_fsp@hotmail.com

Yesterday was october 31st, 2002, it was halloween, me and 3 friends of mine bought some weed, crazy shit, about 40$ worth. so we smoked up and me and my friend had way more than the other two...as soon as we were done everything started to echo and i couldnt walk straight,when i moved it took longer to see, everytihng around ws blurry, i found my way to my house, and immeditaly got into my boxers and went down stairs to my brothrs room who is 19....i kept asking him to get me off this shit and i passed out for 2 minutes.

I tried to drink visine and luckily my brother stopped me, i lied on the bed with one of my friends,and dreampt of crazy shit, stuff i could never imagine, music sounded so much better, i played gta vie city on psn and it was crazy, all the sounds fitted together,i had a shower and it felt so nice...my brothers friend came over in all black and i thought he was a robber so i nearly hit him with a golf club...i supposedly humped my friend, which i regret...my friend puked, i told my other friends to go home. i then went outside in hardly anytihng in -1 tempature and i went out for like 2 houses,it was crazy!!! i couldnt stop laughing, everytihng was turning, i was probably in stage 5...i ate about 50 chocolate bars...and i luckily woke up just in time for my step dad to come home...luckily i could act normal...i didnt really want to do this shit again,but then this morning i played sick and got to stay home....so today might be another story....PEACE from CANADA

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