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Can't even trust your best friend

Substances: cannabis
By: Shaggy

well ok this is a pretty long story. well it all started when i meet this one kid i will call daniel. haha. but like i had been smoking for about a year and i was LOVING it. so i meet him and he wanted to try it but i didnt really want him too cause he had to take these depprestion pills. and he was my best friend and i didnt want him mixing drugs like that. but he didnt even know that i toked. but then it got out at my school and everyone found out. and everyone was pretty cool about it (none of them had tryed it yet) but then "daniel" found out and he was so excited he wanted to smoke with me right away. so i mean like i had been smoking with this friend that he introduced me to earler in the year so i had been smoking with her before he knew. but like he found out and we got him some pot and he was so happy. and we smoked a little bit cause like we didnt want him going home high for his frist time. so like us smoking lasted about 3 days. haha. he got cought his dad found his pot in his room. and he was grounded and he said he got it at the mall. so i mean me and my smoking buddie were safe. so then everything went bak to normal. but then me and "daniel" got into this big fight i was mad at him cause he said that he was going to tell on me (which in my book is a huge NO NO)and he said he was just kidding but he wasnt. so i got so pissed at him. and we didnt talk for awhile. and when i finnly decided to be nice to him he brings up weed right away. so i mean then he talked to my smoking buddie about it on instant messenger (which they had known each other for a long time i had only known her for about 6 months) and he didnt close the conversation that they had and they said my name.so his dad found that but his dad already knew that i smoked but hadnt done anything about it. but then when he saw that instant message he got a fire in his heart to seek me out and destroy me. holy sh*t that day was hell. like "daniel's" dad came over to my house and told my parents they freaked out holy god they did. and this was one week before summer so i mean there goes my summer. and man so im not talking to him anymore and its been a few months so im still coming out of trouble. but i guesse that just goes to show everyone u cant even trust your best friend only your smoking buddie.

peace not greed,

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