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Substances: Mushrooms
By: Dustin
E-mail: dus1in@aol.com

I don't know if any of you have played halo before, but it is the best video game ever created. The detail in it is incredible... in the scenery, the characers.. everything is tuned to flawless.
7 or 8 us were playing over at a friend's house one night when a guy brought over a 2-liter bottle of shroom juice. My friend Ike and I had been smoking for a while, but were still good kids and didn't want to mess up our lives or anything by getting into hard drugs.

So we decided that we would just keep it all natural (so shrooms were ok). The guy that brought the juice said that he didn't have enough to trip as hard as he wanted, so he gave it to us. I have no idea how potent it was, but we drank the whole 2 liters. It was incredible. After about an hour, I felt like I was actually in the game and it hurt every time i got shot, so I stopped playing and hid in a corner to stare at the walls in the game, which were swirling around and dancing with the sky.
It was cool as shit. I went outside to take a piss (not sure why i didn't use the bathroom)and heard some noises that I had never heard before. There were bugs tweeting from every direction, cars flying by on the nearby highway, the sound of my piss boiling as it hit the ground, and it somehow all came togethere with some other sounds to create a strange, undescribeable, organic symphony. When I came back inside, somebody had stolen my controller.
I didn't mind. I just looked around at the different shapes and patterns in the house. Everything looked awesome, and all of my friends looked less evolved... almost like apes with clothes.

When it was time to leave, I freaked out the whole 25 miles home. I thought that I really wanted to go to sleep. Everything looked normal, but I could not fall a sleep for hours. I just laid there thinking about the stupidest shit ever. Man, I can't wait to do it again.

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