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Chillin by the pool

Substances: Cannabis, Alcohol
By: Randi Harris
E-mail: jusswunnaroqu@yahoo.com

The first time i ever smoked pot or drank it was fuckin hellacious. We fuckin had a whole ounce and smoked the whole thing.
Then we decided to go to my house and get drunk! So were drinkin and smokin chillin by the pool and shit. We weren't supposed to be over at muh house drinkin so we were throwin the Tequiza bottles over the fence into the woods behind my house. Well keep in mind were ripped a fuckin good one.

I stand up to go throw a bottle over the fence and it flys in the air and lands in a tree! I'm like oh fuck im for sure in trouble now~ so were all tryin to climb up this tree half as drunk stoned outa our minds....
Wwe finally juss shook the shit outa tha tree....it was definitly rad though

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