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Clown dolls jumped up and grabbed my neck

Substances: Mushrooms and acid
By: Jaime-Lynn
E-mail: jaime_lynn90@hotmail.com

It was after my 16th birthday, that I was invited over to my friends house. I will not name because they told me not to. So anyway my friend invited me to come to her grandma's house to do some acid and shrooms, I of course said yes, well who would say no? anyway her grandma had an attic full of really creepy dolls, the kind that you make move with strings. She also had big creepy clown dolls and chuckie dolls. My friend told me that we could drop the shrooms and the acid in the attic so her grandma wouldn't know. So we sat down in the attic near the scary dolls and we dropped 2 hits of acid and 4 grams of shrooms each.

It only must have took 35 minutes or so before my head felt really heavy. Then after I kept hearing childrens voices, it was really freaky. I looked over and the dolls turned their heads and starred at me with evil looks.Then they smiled and said "we wanna play with you" I was so freaked out, because they would not stop laughing. Then they started walking toward me, and then one of the clown dolls jumped up and grabbed my neck, while the other dolls held my arms and legs. The last doll had a huge knief in it's hand and was coming for me. So I closed my eyes and when I opened them the dolls were gone, but everything was melting, and I felt sick so I fell asleep. I awoke 7 hours later by a huge puddle of puke,My friend was sleeping next to a coat rack.

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