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Cocaine, Crystal and Cannabis...

Substances: Cocaine, Crystal and Cannabis...
By: Natural

'Dis ye olde tale starts off in a small town in california... 2 Men on a quest, Journey if you will...
Mission : Get as, for lack of better words, Shitfaced as we could get.

- 8:30 PM;
-Kenny and I call my friend to get some Durban Poison and Trainwreck (Strains of Cannabis). He says that we can come by around 9 PM to pick it up. We call another fellow, who deals cocaine...He also said that he could get some when ever we wanted.
- So it was final. We'd pick up the cocaine around 8:45-8:50 and the pot around 9. We bring a lighter and my trusty little pipe.

8:40; We're off.
- We get to the guy's house who pettles cocaine... What a shame that place is. Apartments, run down apartments...Missing windows, holes in the walls... People smoking crack and meth in the hallway. Where the hell were we? Some kind of drug lab/hell hole?.. Maybe so.
We get the Coke and make our way to my friends house.

9:15; Arrival.
- We arrived at my friends house... His neighbor, who can get medically obtained pot isn't back yet...
We chill in his room and listen to some music, waiting. His friend finally gets there around 9:30 and goes across the street back to his house. We divid the weed amongst kenny and I.. Roughly 1.5 grams each.
We head over to his neighbors house...He's trying to set up a hydro grow system, but is a complete idiot when it comes to things like this.
(Specs : 1 resivour, 8 drip sticks (Where the water for plants come out of), perlite cubes, nutes, and a 1000w HPS..All for under $600.)

10 PM; Finished, ready to smoke.
- Finally I'm done seting this up, here comes the fun.
We go back to my house.. Parents are out. We lay out 2 lines each and snort them fairly quickly.
10:30; Worn off... Need more.
- Coke's worn off by now, we need a few more bumps.
We finish another line each and go for a drive.
While driving, we decide to get some crystal. We go back to the shitty apartments and score some crystal. He asks if we want to smoke it with him, so we agree. He pulls out his little meth pipe and I take the first hit. I light it below the pipe, like usual... BOOM! BANG! ZOOM! ZAM! WOW!... The body rush is INCREDIBLE! I CAN DO ANYTHING! FIGHT ANYONE! CONQUER ANY THING!... Kenny takes his hit and passes it back to me, I take another and feel the rush, more intense though. My body is running 110 times it's normal rate.. We finish the rest of the coke off there too, which just makes it better.

11:15-11:30; On the road again.
We just drive around, until we decide to smoke some weed. We make a bowl of the mix of Durban Poison and Trainwreck and smoke about half a gram each. We're FUCKED!... Up and down... Up and down... This feeling is huge.. My body is going crazy! It's the high of crystal, yet the down of marijuana. We open the doors of the car, letting the smoke out. After, we just drive around again.

12:30; We need booze!
We go to a liquor store and buy some skyy vodka.
...Anyway, we decide to just chug the shit.

It's like we got thrown in a blender... The high of crystal, the low of marijuana and the lower of alcohol.
We stop at a near-by park and sit on a bench...
I feel sick and start to throw up.
~ We blaze another bowl, to ease the pain of nausea.

1 AM; I need to go home.
Kenny drops me off at my house and I head on in... Tweaked out on meth, Dazzled off coke, High off marijuana and Drunk off booze.
~ Whew, no one's home. I go into my room...
Sleep? SLEEP? I think not... NOT ON METH!
... I sit and watch tv... Bored out my mind, it's racing, I can't think... That's the problem with meth, IT FUCKS UP YOUR BRAIN!

1:30 am; Phone?!? PHONE?!? God no...
~ Asshole calls me, Kenny that is... I was very pissed at the time because I was sick as a dog.. Anyway, he wanted to know if I wanted to try to pick up some girls at a party.
I agree and we go.
~ Meet some girls there, I get to know one named "Marie".. Hot little white chick, nice rack. We start making out and finally she gives me a handjob. I don't need that though... Sex was the last thing on my mind... I NEEDED MORE DRUGS!
... It's 2 or 3 am.. I can't remember...
We go to the store, I get some tylenol PM and take 5... I really need to sleep.
I go home, crash....

Next morning I wake up with glitter on my penis (From that girl), a throbbing headache and coke under my fingernail.
~ All and All, good times... Good times.

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