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Coughed like a punk for about 20 mins

Substances: Cannabis

So i go to greenday, and i go home with my friends afterwords and still have hella money left, so we bought some weed, (note i had smoked before but i smoked seeds from a ca so it dont count) so we bought some herb and it looked different from all the other kind isaw, it was in big nugs and it was hella smelly, so i wanted to hit a green bowl, little did i know it was purplr kush, and i hit i one time ripping the bong up and i inhaled with all my might, ten i coughed like a punk for about 20 mins. after i relized i could breathe again i wanted to go see my girlfriend, so i left, i started walking for like ever, and about 2 - 3 miles later i got to her house. she was sleeping so i had to walk down to the bus, and i got on it but i went the wrong way and i was all tired for some reason so i went to sleep and got lost, i ended up finally getting home and since then, ive been gettin lost everyday.

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